Windsor to launch a new service request portal

We’re catapulting Windsor’s customer service request process into the 21st century. This spring, Windsor will launch YourGOV, a new platform to submit service requests, compliments and concerns to the town.

“YourGOV will allow us to streamline our request process and provide better feedback and increased transparency,” said Cody Groves, IT manager.

Community members can visit and submit either general comments — compliments, questions or concerns — or drop a pin on the service map for infrastructure-related items, like potholes or graffiti at a local park.

“For infrastructure-related service requests, YourGOV allows you to drop a pin at a geolocation and then guides you to submit basic information to help us fulfill the request in a timely manner,” Groves said.

Behind the scenes, staff members will receive the request and aim to respond within two business days*. If community members submit their contact information, they’ll receive updates throughout the solution process.

“Our goal is to provide better customer service through this new request portal,” said Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture Eric Lucas. “We’re looking forward to providing a higher level of service to the town.”

*Updated original text for clarity
YourGOV - Web
Through YourGOV, you can submit feedback to the town, including questions, comments, compliments, or service requests, like curb and sidewalk damage, potholes, street sign issues, vandalism or graffiti, weeds, debris and more. 

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